What Are Better Me Edible Cups?

What Are Better Me Edible Cups?

Edible Cups

What can be more relaxing than having a cup of coffee while sitting on your balcony with your favorite book? And speaking of ‘Cups’ of coffee, did you know that you can actually eat your coffee cup after you’ve finished your last sip of caffeine? Well, at least it’s better than throwing them away. Let us tell you why.

 Better Me Edible Cups

As most drinking cups have a cover of plastic lining, they do not biodegrade, and a bulk of these (Which is almost over 15 billion) end up in landfills all over the planet, with many of them employed for a single course of drink.

This is a tremendous environmental hazard that coffee or any liquid enthusiasts want to undertake using edible cups. That’s why we bring the most efficient solution to the problem – Edible Cup. 

What are Better Me edible cups, are they easy to use, and how do they taste?

The Better Me Edible Cup

It is exactly what the meaning the name implies. A cup that holds your drink and one you can eat after consuming your drink.

Our goal is to limit our waste by turnabout from destructive one-time-use cups to edible cups. These edible cups extend from roasted food such as cookies and wafers to chocolate-lined biscuit cornets and even cup-shaped pieces made from a mixture of various cereals such as wheat, rice, and millet. 

Do Better Me Edible Cups Work?

Yes, our edible cups will not only work but also will give you an extra bite of crunch every time you finish your coffee or whatever you were drinking. We put a moistured layer that parts the drink from the cup’s covering as our edible cups are made from biscuits, loaf, or bread. This limits the cup from becoming soaked and befalling apart too soon. The most common element we use is a sheet of stiff chocolate polish inside the edible cup. 

 Better Me Edible Cups

One of the most satisfying things about using edible cups is that the cup’s flavorings often complement the drink in it gracefully. 

Great Idea, Great Numbers

Our edible cups stay crispy and dehydrated for up to 30 minutes even after you’ve finished your drink. And no matter what you have, either cold beverage or hot coffee, our cup will take the heat up to 85 C. Once you pour your cup, it’ll stay dry for a very long time, which means no leakage as well. Do you want to know the best part? It weighs not more than a cooky you have with your coffee. 

What Is The Future for Edible Cups?

Not only environment friendly, but our edible cups also ensure good quality in itself. You get a portable liquid container which is also a healthy snack. So we believe, soon this form of the cup will take over the plastics and become more user friendly as well. And not only is there a future, but edible cups will also be the future for drinking one-time drinks. The technology we use for making edible cups is improving. We also provide an edible cup that is heat-resistant, long-lasting, and can be kept for long ends.

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