wafer coffee cup

Wafer Cups you Can Eat with Coffee

Wafer coffee cup

Convenient coffee cups contain a large amount of plastic lining in them. So, for several years, manufacturers have been thinking of an alternative to this problem. Like disposable plastics, recyclable paper cups, but not any of them showed any promising result. We, the Better Me team, are a group of enthusiasts, experimentation, and innovators looking for a solution to the growing plastic and paper waste problem! It all began many years ago. It came to our thought what it would be to eat your cup after drinking your Coffee?! And finally, the edible wafer coffee cup for Coffee in Better Me was born by researching different designs and recipes. 

Wafer coffee cup

How Better Me Wafer Coffee Cups Are Made

Our wafer cup is made principally from natural seed products. It is nature-friendly, delicious and crispy, and proper not only for Coffee but also for all sorts of warm and cool drinks and for everything your vision can create! Better Me’s warm and damp resistance is accomplished without any toppings or covers, and the cup doesn’t diminish the taste of the drink it holds. Along with Better Me and healthful reasons, it goes with an intelligent label that makes it likely to take your cup outwardly straight touching it and what is more, the title parts Coffee from the outside it is placed on. You can see our logo on the label, of course, the prescribed time of use, which is about 40 min.

Wafer Coffee Cups Are Made

Better me cups contain much healthy nutrition, including carbohydrates, sugar, and various flavoring, which will uniquely complete your coffee time. As these are made of entirely organic ingredients, you won’t have to face any discomfort while biting into one. 

The cups can be consumed after usage, or if tossed away, they will simply decay in some weeks. But if you assay it once, you will never go to launch it out after you have completed your Coffee! We believe that these edible wafer cups will make every sip you take of your Coffee even more pleasant than ever before!

We Care for You

The standard daily expenditure of hot drinks amounts to 3 billion cups around the world by reliable data. Nearly one-third are traded in disposable cups, and the trend is for that share to grow due to the more bustling everyday life. Individually that means the contemporaries of hundreds of tons of non-degradable waste and removal of millions of trees. Better Me wafer cup is an alternative to conventional disposable cups and enamel cups for hot and cold drinks.


Do the cups contain GMO?

No. The product does not contain GMO. All Better Me products are GMO-free.

Are the cups vegan?

Yes. Better Me people with vegan dietary requirements can enjoy edible wafer cups.

Do the cups include gluten?

Yes, there is gluten in the prevailing version of the cups.

What is the best-before period for the cups?

It is most suitable to be eaten within nine months of production to secure the cups’ crispiness.

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