Edible drinking straws – Pack of 500 pcs (Ø 6 mm / 22,5 cm long / brown)

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One Pack Includes 500 Edible Drinking Straws!

🧃 Sustainable edible straws
🌳 Made of Grain & apple fiber ( VEGAN )
🚫 Drinking straws without plastic & EU compliant
🕑 Stable for approx. 60 minutes – in cold and alcoholic drinks even up to two hours

  •  SUITABLE FOR: Coffee shops, cafés, shopping centers, airports, offices, restaurants, hotels, companies, parties, promotions/life events such as weddings, birthdays, christenings, baby showers, etc. This item can be the perfect GIFT or a nice surprise for your guests.

The Edible Straw is the only single-use one that doesn’t end up in landfills & oceans and can SAVE OUR PLANET from lots of waste! Think about it and consider using it when and where available/possible! Don’t care to eat it? Breaks down naturally in weeks, not decades, without any additional resources or processing.

♻️ Together we have already replaced over 100 million plastic drinking straws. What are you waiting for?

For any additional information please get in touch with us. Enjoy your shopping! Thank you for supporting us and nature! We are all ONE!

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1 review for Edible drinking straws – Pack of 500 pcs (Ø 6 mm / 22,5 cm long / brown)

  1. Marcia Leonte

    The straws taste is neutral, personally don’t eat them because of their hard natural structure, but it is great for waste reduction which is much more important for me personally. Initially, I have bought these straws in a smaller quantity to try for stability, but have purchased now the bigger pack as I and my kids love to use them with almost any kind of drink. After use, we put them in the food bin knowing that they gonna completely decompose soon. No more waste around, what a RELIEF! P.S: They are great for my kid’s parties!

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