Edible Wafer Cups ( pack of 10 cups x 110 ml )

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The Gift Box Includes 10 Edible Wafer Cups!
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It’s crispy, it’s delicious, it’s nature friendly, it’s simply unique! Our Vegan Edible Wafer Cup can and will change the Environment into a Greener and Cleaner One!

The cups come in a beautiful gift box which can serve as a present box if looking to make a sweet surprise to somebody. The cup is nature-friendly, fantastically delicious, crispy, and suitable for coffee and all kinds of hot and cold drinks and desserts! Better Me Cupffee’s thermal and moisture resistance is achieved without any icings or coatings that’s why the cup doesn’t change the taste of the beverage. This cup can be eaten after use or if thrown away it will completely decompose in few weeks. Isn’t that amazing?

🌾Ingredients / 100% Natural / Oat bran & Wheat flour.

🌿Only 56 kcal / This edible cup is a dietary, perfect for your healthy breakfast and pm snack.

🌱No preservatives / The cups contain no colorants or artificial sweeteners.

✅GMO-Free / Produced using an environmentally friendly process and technology.

💚Vegan / Better Me cup does not contain animal products.

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Recyclable at 7 billion stations around the world. Including you!

Eco-friendly / Completely biodegradable in only weeks when thrown away in nature

Tasty / Slightly sweet, it doesn’t change the taste of the drink and has no icing or coating

Vegan / Contains no animal products

Added Value / The perfect addition to a nice hot beverage

Stylish / The design of the holder can be adapted to the customer’s needs


💚Volume – 110 ml💚Weight – 14 g💚Heat-resistant – 85°C

💚Crispy for up to 40 min💚Doesn’t change the taste of the drink

💚Doesn’t transfer heat💚Recyclable holder💚Customizable


Do the cups contain GMOs?

No. The product does not contain GMOs. All cupffee products are GMO-free.

Are the cups vegan?

Yes. The Cupffee products can be enjoyed by people with vegan dietary requirements.

Do the cups contain gluten?

Yes, there is gluten in the current version of the cups.

What is the best-before date for the cups?

To ensure the crispiness of the cups it is best to be consumed within 9 months of production.

2 reviews for Edible Wafer Cups ( pack of 10 cups x 110 ml )

  1. Vanessa Oprey

    Excellent edible cups, taste nice, and are perfect for coffee drinkers. I received them in great condition and packaged in a beautiful package. Love this new concept of edible cookie cups and making it zero waste…This is exactly the same as the ice cream cone 🍦 but for coffee☕️
    I would definitely recommend it! Thanks to Better Me for stocking these cups here in Ireland!

  2. Ana Dicusara

    Such a fantastic idea and a great way to help the environment. I really enjoy my coffee from these cups and really enjoy eating the cup after. It’s like having a healthy biscuit after your cup of coffee. Highly recommended!

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