How You Can Use Biodegradable Coffee Cups to Help the Environment

How You Can Use Biodegradable Coffee Cups to Help the Environment

For some time now, the degradation of our natural resources and the world we live in, in general, has been well documented. Not to sound all negative but it’s true. There are a lot of advocates that fight for our environment and to be honest, if we want such advocacies to be successful then we need to do our part. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to go to these rallies or spend million in order to be a part of the solution ourselves. We can contribute to the cause in our own little ways and effectively at that. How? Well, let’s start with our daily habits. We know for a fact that a lot of us love our cup of coffee so here’s how you can use biodegradable coffee cups to help the environment. 

Cut Down on the Waste

This should be an easy decision for all of us. Would you rather drink less coffee to cut down on the waste? Or go ahead and use biodegradable coffee cups to do so? Of course, it’s the latter! 

More waste or more coffee? Easy decision folks! If you utilize biodegradable coffee cups then you cut down on waste tremendously. Well, after all, these coffee cups are meant to fight excess waste so it’s doing its part rather well, now we need to do ours. 

It’s so easy to just grab a disposable cup in the morning because it’s convenient, but we can’t keep on doing that if we want a clean and livable place to habituate and most especially for future generations. 

Coffee is the most popular beverage and the entire world, so just imagine how much disposable cups are thrown every day after only one cup of coffee? The numbers will be depressing, that’s for sure. So, help lessen the trash that goes to landfills and say no to Styrofoam or plastic cups starting today. 

It requires very little effort on your part, so let’s do it. Minimize our waste NOW!

Cut Down on Carbon Emissions

The pleasure we get from drinking a cup of coffee mustn’t be diminished every time we use plastic or Styrofoam cups. And biodegradable cups are the only way to go. 

Think about this, 2 billion cups of coffee are approximately consumed every day. How many of those do you think are drank on plastic or Styrofoam cups? Now, think about this, plastic coffee cups contain chemicals from fossil fuels. 

So, with all that fossil fuel used up to make your plastic cup, how much carbon emission do you think something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee can make? On the flip side, think about this, how much carbon emission may be cut down if each and every one of us, coffee lovers, drink off a biodegradable cup instead? It’s a whole lot, that’s for sure!

Through this practice, we can help fight or event prevent the worsening effects of global warming. This is why we must do our part. 

Marine Life Will Thank YOU

There are no other life forms in this world that are more affected by the effects of too much waste and global warming than marine life. In case you didn’t know, everything, including the cup of coffee that you throw always ends up in our oceans. 

If you’ve seen those heart-wrenching videos about different marine animals suffering from the effects of too much waste then certainly you’ll change your mind and do what’s good, right? 

Despite improvements on how wastes are disposed of, one way or another, they are still not enough and waste still ends up in our seas. Marine life still suffers and so we need to once again do our part. Start with your morning routine, your cup of coffee, and use biodegradable cups from here on out.

Bio cups, as they call them, decomposes in like 90 days and will not pose as a danger for anything really. How long do plastic cups decompose? A whopping 450 years! That’s 3 times as much as the longest turtles have lived and they are one of the oldest living creatures in the sea. 

So, help the poor old turtles and everything that lives on our oceans. 

Protect Our Forests

If we do this for our marine life then for sure we are protecting our forests if we use biodegradable coffee cups. Wildfires and other manmade forest issues aren’t helping our forest thrive or at least return to how they were just a few decades back so we need to start contributing in our own little way NOW.

This is where additional awareness comes into play. If we use biodegradable cups then we must make sure that where we get them complies with various environmental regulations. Remember, there are posers even at this cause so be extra vigilant.

By using bio cups, we also help prevent soil degradation. 

We Help Different Environmental Causes

With the use of bio coffee cups we also indirectly help the many environmental causes. How? Well, for one, if you start using bio coffee cups then most likely you’ll influence someone else to do so and this is always good for the environment. 

Also, while it starts with your morning cuppa, sooner or later you’ll be mindful of everything else that you do. You’ll be behind a lot of other eco-friendly drives and make your contribution to the cause grow. Mother Nature, after all, needs all hands on deck.

Not just with the use of bio cups, we can do our fair share of helping the environment recover with a lot of other eco-friendly practices. Stop using plastic as there are a lot of alternatives today. It only takes a little effort. 

Bring an eco-bag wherever you go or use reusable mugs. Go natural as opposed to synthetic on a lot of things. Remember, if these things we are so accustomed to using are disposable and replaceable in a heartbeat then that’s not the same time with the world that we live in.

We must take care of it as we only have the one. 

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