Healthy edible cups, cheap edible cups

Better Me Edible Cups Are Healthy and Tasty

Healthy edible cups, cheap edible cups

Most of us know recycling is more useful than attaching trash to local landfills, and compostable goods are better for the environment than single- or one-time-use. But, what can you do when you desire to have a picnic, a garden BBQ, go camping or avoid doing meals? Well, that’s where Better Me healthy edible coffee cups come in. You heard it right, edible!

Alternately, bringing your reusable dishes, cups, and cutlery, or worse yet, taking plastic non-recyclable dishware, we think you might be intrigued in checking out some of Better Me‘s edible options. At the very smallest, you’ll have a great dialogue starter, and I’m sure the children will genuinely fancily be taking a few bites out of their cutlery. 

But the question is, are edible cups healthy?

Healthy cheap edible cups
Healthy edible cups, cheap edible cups

What is a Better Me healthy edible cup made of?

Designing an edible coffee cup here in Better Me is not quick or straightforward, though once you get into the swing, it is a fun plan, and the result is delicious, Better Me edible cups you can have after your shot. This is a great innovation to draw out for select functions, and you can make them days in progress.

Better Me edible cup is produced by roasting chocolate chip cookie mixture into a cup and then filling it with a melted bakery. The full cup can be filled with milk which is good for health, chilled espresso, a woven shooter, or a decent pour of your favorite drink – chocolate and milk liqueurs are unique options. 

There are some things fresh and more comforting than helpful old chocolate chip wafers or biscuits. Especially a lot that’s just come out of the stove, and you grasp a cookie as soon as it’s almost cool enough to hold and eat. One of life’s little happiness, for assured.

The edible cup’s purpose is not to produce soft, gooey chocolate flake cookies but to prepare a waffle cornet’s crispiness in a somewhat thicker, chocolate-laced case. We have appended one cup of flour to a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe and use extra flour while forming the mixture into the cups, much like serving with sugar cookies.

Are Cheap Edible Cups Good for Health?

Ideally, we cool them in the freezer for an hour or two to harden the mixture, but this is arbitrary and not at all important. It just depends on how you want it. This way, they miss harmful bacteria and keep themselves safe for your eatery. So easy and healthy to eat.

Healthy edible cups
Healthy edible cups, cheap edible cups

As you see from the ingredients, they are not out of the bakery list you eat in your regular life. Better Me edible cups are made with maintaining proper hygiene and prescribed health security limits. You won’t be having any discomfort while biting into one; instead, find a unique taste of a cookie or chocolate layered essence you’ve never witnessed before.

These healthy edible cups might not replace your main course, but surely will be a supplementary taste to your coffee time experience.

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