Edible Cups in A Cheap Price

Get Edible Cups in A Cheap Price

Cheap Edible Cups

We often think that quality items hold a large price tag. Well, we don’t do it here. Best Me provides a broad range of healthy but cheap edible cups you can get within your budget—literally One Euro per cup.

So, to say, edible cups are not that pricey. 

Cheap Edible Cups

Are These Cheap Edible Cups Biodegradable?

Does this info matter? You’re going to eat it away. So, it won’t be a problem for nature as it won’t disturb the environment. But if you want to know, Yes, edible cups are biodegradable.

At the price of 10 Euros, we offer our consumers’ nature-friendly set of edible cups, including ten cheap and biodegradable edible cups, from Better Me

Produced from fully renewable means, including grains, these cups have an identical look and feel to usual plastic and paper cups but are an environmentally respectful choice to help your household, industry, restaurant, or company go fresh.

Why Choose Better Me Edible Cups Over Plastic Cups

One-time-use items cause significant distress to nature, such as cutlery, dishes, fodders, plastic food receptacles, and take-out coffee cups. Plastic cups are a particular problem because, in most cases, they are not even recyclable. They are invalidated by a thin sheet of polyethylene, ensuring that the paper cup with a hot drink will not dissolve in our hands. And only 1% of plastic cups are recycled each year. On the other hand, edible cups offered by Better Me ensures proper hygiene and health check.

Moreover, these cups are nature-friendly and biodegradable. 

Get Edible Cups in A Cheap Price

No waste you need to worry about

There are already numerous hopeful options for disposable cups. Notwithstanding this, the waste settles as a problem. Double was the first to choose to deal with this difficulty almost entirely. Our Edible cups made of crackers, as the name hints, can be eaten. If you don’t feel like eating a vanilla biscuit for your coffee, you can dispose of it without compunction. It will decay in almost any circumstance as it comprises only natural components.

Better Me also took care of the green, recyclable packaging. Of course, the first screen is cardboard, which – as you probably know – is recyclable. Our edible cups themselves are, in turn, preserved with a natural cellulose coating. Such sheet is biodegradable and compostable. The compostability certification ensures that it is entirely safe even in-home composters.

Get Better Me Edible Cups at The Cheapest Price

All the benefits and originality, how much you think Better Me Edible cups worth? With the number of wastages we save, you should at least hand over some fair amount of appreciation beforehand. And if you talk about the price, you can get a full set of biodegradables only at 9.99 Euros. That’s less than One Euro per cup. We are also working on the larger size and will soon stock 220 ml liquid containers have made of biscuits and other edible but entirely organic ingredients. 

Get these crispy and cheap edible cups from Better Me before your coffee gets cold. 

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