Edible Cups are Safer for The Environment Than Disposable Cups

Better Me Edible Cups are Safer for The Environment Than Disposable Cups

Disposable clear cups

It is calculated that the world goes into a large 135 billion disposable coffee cups per year. With the bulk ending up in either a landfill or the sea, our takeaway caffeine obsession has become harmful to the environment. Many people don’t understand that most disposable coffee cups have a plastic covering made from polyethylene to make them watertight. This light layer of plastic centers disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled with paper goods, nor do they decay. That plastic insulation means your coffee cup may outlast you and me.

Disposable clear cups

Soil and water, disposable clear cups harms everything.

The plastic will be cut down into shorter parts in an aquatic environment, either ingested by the birdlife, marine life, and other animals or affixed to the plastic soup now in our seas. About 1,960,000 kilos of plastic trash from coffee cups are abandoned in landfills each year in the world. Regarding the amount of time disposable coffee cups used in our hold – 13 minutes on ordinary – the order seems unreasonably inclined towards a negative influence on the environment.

Better Me Has the Solution- Safer and Delicious Edible Cup You Can Find

The great news is there are actions we can take to reduce that uneven balance. Maybe the simplest is to take a seat at your favorite coffee bar and enjoy your morn roast. But what if you don’t have the leisure of watering up the soothing ambiance of a coffee shop with your caffeine punch? Better Me edible coffee cups are the remedy for the energetic, environmentally conscious coffee lovers amongst us. There are shots of choices available these days, from Better Me, which has the bonus of holding your coffee hot for up to 4 hours, to Better Me Edible Cups, made from rice hulls or bakery goods like the flower, grains, and biodegrade in 2 – 3 years. Due to the supplies, power, and production that goes into designing reusable and edible cups, it has been demonstrated that they are evenly as bad for the atmosphere, but this isn’t so. Better Me edible coffee cup gives a break-even energy production at around 17 uses, depending on the cup’s substance. This means that any time a Better Me reusable coffee cup is used Beyond this point; it helps the environment.

Disposable clear cups

Eat Your Cup, Save The Day

Throughout the water cooler, at matrimony, or while a cocktail function, disposable plastic or clear cups often are the go-to container for a person’s fluid of Choice. But ever question what happens to all those artificial polymers after the party concludes? Our new invention is called Better Me Edible cups, which hope to prevent them from hitting Mother Earth.

Better Me spent many years producing an edible cup recipe. It’s vegan, all-natural, and made from six elements. The main ingredient, agar, is gelatin obtained from bakery goods.

The cups can carry a drink for more than 24 hours and have a shelf-life of three periods. They’re utterly biodegradable not like other disposable cups made of plastics or papers if composted after use or eaten after the party has ended.

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