Edible Cups are Better Than Paper Cups

Edible Cups are Better Than Paper Cups

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Did you know, every year, over 20 million trees are cut to satisfy the paper coffee cup industry? Yeah, a lot of nature to destroy. Not only that, these paper coffee cups are non-biodegradable. So they stay under the earth’s surface and cause harm to the environment for a very long period. 

On the contrary, Better Me offers a wide range of edible coffee cups or, to say, any kinds of edible cups which are not only nature friendly but also very eye-catchy, tasty, and most interestingly, they are healthy. 

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Paper Cups are Harmful

Now, why should you use edible coffee cups instead of paper coffee cups? The answer is simple- paper coffee cups are very much hazardous to make and hampers mother nature. 

These days, paper cups hold a bad reputation. That’s because they’re intended to be used only once before having cast out.

We go through something like over 50 billion paper cup wastages each year. That’s about 70 cups for each person on earth. And to meet regimen conditions, most of them are produced out of natural materials like trees, not recycled papers. It doesn’t seem very sustainable and nature-friendly.

Edible Cups Are Better Option

Unlike edible cups by Better Me, which you can reuse if not eaten, usual paper cups can’t be recycled because they’re smeared in plastic. That’s the reason why they can hold fluid without dripping all over the area. It’s also why they don’t get cracked down into a paste and twisted into recycled paper. While some sites do recycle stuff like paper coffee cups, they’re uncommon. And they are only getting more unusual. Sadly, there’s not much of a demand for them, which means those paper cups you use end up getting landfilled.

Paper cups

Yet, not all paper cups are covered in plastic, though the broad bulk are. Some of these are even filled in wax. But as it can be challenging to find out which paper cups are safe, it is wise to avoid paper cups altogether. 

If you seemingly can’t recycle paper cups in your area, plastic lids and the folded covers your beverage comes in are a reasonably decent contest. You could also reduce the harm or contribute to the global share by discovering more sustainable options. There are many sites where you can get reusable cups, and Better Me is one of them. 

Edible Cup Pricing

Meanwhile, some of our most hardworking and most intelligent are looking at undertaking the single-on-time use paper cup predicament. Better Me has a winning solution: the Edible Cup. It’s a food-made reusable cup supplied to the town’s engaging markets, and it only costs customers €1. Even famous restaurants are getting in on the move.

Lately, we are storing organic edible cups capable of holding 220 ml of liquid. Till that appears, remember that, though paper cups are made out of paper, they include a small amount of plastic which will eventually go under the surface and destroy our nature very slowly. Because paper cups are mostly non-biodegradable and edible, cups are safe and healthy to use.

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