Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups

Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups Actually Exist

Eco-friendly disposable cups, biodegradable cups

It’s almost impracticable to go out and not find a deserted paper cup on the spot. 

There’s no uncertainty about it. Eco-friendly Disposable cups are usable. From taking a quick cup of drink on the go to dixie cups in your lavatory, disposable cups have overrun our lives. 

Eco-friendly disposable cups

So, what is the solution? Entirely rid our lives of disposable cups’ usefulness or find environmentally beneficial disposable cups we can use alternatively?

Well, Better Me has the solution to this question. We offer a vast range of edible cups you can eat after you finish your coffee or any drinks.

Eco-friendly Disposable Cups you can eat

Most maximum disposable cups are not biodegradable. These disposable cups are filled with polyethylene, so they will not biodegrade. But Better Me cups are both biodegradable and disposable at the same time, isn’t it amazing? 

Due to the polyethylene layer in disposable containers, plastic or paper cups are unrecyclable. As well, the disposable cups get infected with whatever fluid was in them. Most converting facilities just aren’t provided to sort and distribute disposable cups.

One useful thing is that the plastic covers and cardboard sheaths that usually bring disposable cups are recyclable. But Better me cups don’t need to recycle. They’ll decay in nature as you leave them uneaten.

Biodegradable solution for your cups

Frankly, the most eco-friendly cups are reusable but not disposable. Better Me put together a great list of eco-friendly edible cups here. There are some different and forward-thinking biodegradable and disposable cups added to this list. 

Speaking of disposable cups, features to look for when choosing from the most eco-friendly disposable solution Better Me cups are:

  • Compostable or Biodegradable.
  • Produced sustainably from FSC paper
  • Filled with plant-based gum instead of petroleum or plastic-based.

Paper cups are harmful to nature.

Paper cups are dangerous for the environment. Because most paper cups are not produced from Recycled Paper. Instead, raw Paper is used. This means trees are chopped down to have disposable paper coffee cups. Also, the Paper that gives the cups is often associated with chemicals that can wreck the environment. The filling of the cups is polyethylene, which is a synthetic paste. The polyethylene coating blocks paper coffee cups from being reused.

On the other hand, Better Me cups are made from organic bakery items which make the cup completely nature-friendly and will decay spontaneously. 

Eco-friendly disposable cups


Remember, you always have a choice to choose organic products instead of harmful ones. Harmful for both you and nature. Better Me provides the most delicate eco-friendly disposable cups, which are completely biodegradable. So either you eat them away or throw them into the trash, they’ll decay by themselves. Check out the features. 

  • 12 oz.
  • 9.99 Euros for 10 cups 
  • Compostable cup made from organic and bakery goods.
  • Make your compostable coffee cup a model for your dedication to nature. 
  • The beautiful design makes this cup an excellent supplement to your kitchen! 
  • A compostable hot cup is the best choice over the paper, plastic, and a Styrofoam container. 
  • Suggested for hot or cold drinks 
  • Healthy, no need to double up
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