Eco-friendly Cups Packaging Solution

An Eco-friendly Cups Packaging Solution- Better Me

Eco-friendly cups

Manufacturers across the world are working to find the best probable solution to recyclable cups. Some alternatives to plastic cups or any plastic-made product stay undisturbed under the earth’s surface for billions of years and damages our mother nature. 

Better Me has a brilliant eco-friendly recyclable solution to this problem. We produce eco-friendly cups and don’t need to stash them in nature as it goes straight to your intestine and satisfies your coffee time with some different taste and flavors. 

Yet, if you suddenly feel that you are not enjoying the flavor, you can throw away your cup anytime you want. Still, it won’t do anything to nature as these are highly biodegradable and mixes with water or soil in a pretty brief period. 

eco-friendly cups
Eco-friendly cups

Eco-friendly Cups on Better Me

With so many one-use items on the store today, it is a shock that landfills are not flooding, exceeding their boundaries. The problem is, what can we do about it? Procuring reusable supplies is a viable possibility. Recycling those elements, we have previously used is also an excellent way to experience a more sustainable life. We have used and discovered other ways to use them again to combine more trash to local landfills, even taking supplies. There is another alternative, though. Just eat them after you’ve finished your coffee. Here in Better Me, you can find this easiest yet the most convenient solution in only one click away. 

How Better Me Edible Cups Are the Most Eco-Friendly?

The great thing about Best Me edible cups is that it is palatable, but it is also biodegradable. You have the opportunity of eating the cup when you are done with your drink or simply allowing it to biodegrade spontaneously during the composting process. Either way, our cup will not linger around in its dominant form to defile the atmosphere. Better Me Edible cups are perfect for picnics, outdoor parties, and other events where you want to depreciate your environmental footstep.

If you’d instead make your own cup, you can also discover instructions here to see how we make them and help you make edible coffee cups. They are not quite handy and tasty as Better Me, but I’m sure those will save some wastages.


Eco-friendly Cups Packaging Solution
Eco-friendly cups

Eat Your Cup Instead of Throwing Away

Typical plastic cups are beneficial but not eco-friendly at all. They add to plastic waste in landfills, as the largest is not recyclable. It is approximated that 2.5 billion disposable cups are tossed away each year. In Better Me, we believe there had to be a better way to consume cold or hot beverages on the go. We improved edible cups in a diversity of flavors as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic cups.

So, to say, Better Me is an Eco-Friendly company where we believe in innovation in taste. You’ll find the cheapest and most tasty edible cups here, starting from only 9.99 Euros per set. Next time you grab a coffee, do a favor and try our eco-friendly edible cups instead of plastic trash.

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