Eat Your Better Me Cup, Save The Day

Eat Your Better Me Cup, Save The Day

Biodegradable cups.

Analyze all the obstacles we face with packaging trash, hodgepodge from food covers, boxes, and paper diverted from packaging supplies. We have to toss away an immense amount of waste every day due to food packaging. Not only that, a massive number of plastic plates, spoons, one-time-use cups, and water bottles are also cast into the waste. What if we could eat our meal and eat the container as well, like an edible cup? Have you ever thought about biodegradable cups as your coffee container? Wouldn’t it decrease waste and also resolve many of the environmental difficulties connected with packaging?

bBiodegradable cups

Mother Nature does edible packaging well. Several fruit skins protect the fruit from bacteria and the atmosphere. People have also been making edible packaging for years: sausage casings composed of collagen and cellulose and ice cream cornets are examples. Some parts of Europe use dishes and containers made of banana skins that next become stocks feed. Inspired by nature, Better Me has introduced a unique way to enjoy your morning coffee. You can eat the cup after you’ve finished your coffee – Biodegradable Cups you can eat. 

Better Me – The Best Biodegradable Cups

So, how smart is the idea of edible cups and containers from Better Me? When you are completed with your drink, you eat your cup or thrust it away, and it fades in the yard. If you toss them in the landfill, they blend with the ground, unlike plastic boxes, not bio-degradable, treatable, and environmentally friendly goods. Better Me believes Edible glass is designed to enhance the drink, so it becomes the twist to a coffee time. This fun experience might encourage people to use them instead of plastic containers.

Is Better Me Biodegradable Cups Environment-friendly?

Better Me is a disposable cup that leaves nothing behind because you eat it. Better Me is one of the world’s first edible drinking cups, and it’s tasty and fun in many ways. The cups are produced from the plant, natural sweeteners, bakery, and chocolate and come in flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, etc. They’re fantastic for cocktails, desserts, cereal, or anything else you could put in a cup. 

Biodegradable cups

The concept of edible cups has been around for a while, but the time is now available to take hold in the food industry. Interest in plastic waste is increasing globally. The most popular items that turn up as scattering and pollute the sea are linked to food: wrappers, fodders, cutlery, containers, and more. Better Me offers hope but with a wholesome side of hype. For example, plastic is difficult to beat for packaging: it is affordable, thin, adaptable, and has exceptional mechanical features. So, it might take time to take over in the food manufacturing industry, but as soon as we get the idea of benefits provided by edible cups, it’ll be just a matter of time.

Yet, in the proper contexts, biodegradable cups from Better Me could help detach us from plastic by allowing us to eat your cups. It originates from renewable sources. And even if it isn’t something people want to have; it would still fade much faster than one-time-use plastics or even compostable bioplastics.

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