Disposable Coffee Cups You Can Eat

Disposable Coffee Cups You Can Eat

Disposable Cups

You’ve got a busy day ahead, you’re running late for work, and you’re hurrying down the street chugging a cup of coffee. When you’re done, you presumably toss the cup in the most next trash can–by some estimates, People throw out around 558 million disposable coffee cups a year around the world. But if you get to know Better Me, you might be able to eat the cup instead.

Disposable Coffee Cups You Can Eat

Better Me offers coffee served in edible cookie cups that look like the conventional paper variant; the cover, built of sugar, these disposable cups are even imprinted with designs. With a sheet of heat-resistant white chocolate, the sugar covering protects the wafer cup as someone drinks.

What’s New in Disposable Cups?

From an environmental aspect, you’re presumably going to want to put your tour mug. But the concept of edible coffee cups by Better Me is worth traversing more. It’s something exciting for the world to deem about–you don’t have to have a paper or synthetic cup; you could have something different. We’ve got a delicious product–why not make the packaging palatable too?

The cup was designed and engineered to provide one to drink one’s coffee from a wafer without finding oneself carrying wet, scalding mayhem. The wafer makes the cup’s structure, while a white chocolate coating on the core gently blends—flavoring the coffee and preserving the cup. The outside is covered in a light layer of sugar paper—probably protecting the cookie from breaking while.

To combine the different deals with the edible coffee cup, the cookie is cooked with fragrances. These odors have a real strength to extract the actual pictures we connect with warm weather, sunshine, and summer weekends. Things that make everyone simper. As denied, one assumes the aroma of fresh coffee.

Disposable Coffee Cups You Can Eat

Sustainability of Better Me Edible Coffee Cups

As you aren’t throwing away paper cups every day, you build a much more accurate result on nature. When you use our eco-friendly disposable coffee cup, you advance better health and defend the world encompassing you. Your struggles to stay clean and green will decrease the amount of trash going to landfills that damage our oceans and environments. You can enjoy excellent edible cups by Better Me cup with a picture that no paper cup would ever be fit to replicate. Now you can sip while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing piece to look at every day.

Why Are People Switching to Better Me Edible Cups?

So, why precisely are people making the turnabout to disposable cups by Better Me? What’s falling to the disposable paper and plastic cups that we see in nearly all coffee houses and fast-food eatery?

The answer is simple: People are starting to realize that the result disposable cups bring on the environment is quite mortifying.

Our landfills are being filled with buyer cups, and trash piles are as large as centers themselves.

To help stop this massive disposable cup emergency, the benefits of disposable coffee cups are a possible solution that promotes better health and wellness habits. The definite upsides to our edible cups are limitless. Verify them out for yourself; what contrast can you make?

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