Compostable Cups in Wholesale

Get Compostable Cups in Wholesale

100 compostable coffee cups, branded compostable coffee cups

Switching to edible food containers has many advantages. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and the waste they generate. Better Me’s edible cups remove the traditional waste loop and do not require recycling. Since most edible packaging can be consumed or composted, it is highly biodegradable and won’t clog landfills or recycling centers, nor will it turn into microplastics in our soil. If you buy a 20-unit complete box set, you can get a wholesale kit of 100 compostable coffee cups just for 49.99 Euros.

Compostable Cups

Better Me- The most of branded compostable coffee cups 

Furthermore, this form of packaging can be used in several ways. Refrigerated foods and one-time-serve goods, for example, are often packaged in our branded edible packaging. This range is growing to include hot liquid containers, in which the packaging dissolves when exposed to heat. We use milk casein instead of sugar coatings to protect such foods from spoiling or stale, chosen organic grains to make the dough and complete supervision in the whole process. You won’t find this much regulations in any other brand of coffee cups.

Challenges we overcame

Water solubility is a major design problem for food processors, as it is both an advantage and a drawback. If the packaging is too water-soluble, it can degrade more quickly in humid environments and when exposed to cold and condensation, potentially resulting in mound. Since some packaging is food-based, it may also require outer packaging to protect it from contamination and keep it safe to consume.

Consumers’ food allergies are another obstacle for food-based packaging. For those with particular sensitivities, milk-based and even gluten-based packaging is a source of concern.

However, on Better Me, all packaging is done under strict supervision and following health regulations. As a result, these cups will retain any liquid for up to 40 minutes, whether hot or cold. Outside, it doesn’t get stale for 12 hours, which is long enough for a day trip to a campaign.

Why Better Me is the best

Cup edible Better Me is made of natural products made from grain. It is environmentally friendly, delicious, candy and is suitable for hot and cold drinks of all kinds. This thermal and moisture resistance of the cups is possible without the use of artificial ingredients so that the taste of the drink it contains is not altered.

Each comes in a stylish protective label that makes handling easy without direct contact and isolates the cup from the surfaces on which it is placed.

Get Compostable Cups

Get 100 compostable edible cups at a wholesale price.

Better Me offers Three types of a bundle for your wholesale purchase. 

Organic Edible Cups (110ml) for €9.99, 

Organic Edible Cups (220ml) for €12.99 and 

Edible Cups – 20 Unit Full Box Set for €100.00. 

Also, you can customize your package with the quantity. Get 100 compostable coffee cups at a very cheap rate of €49.99 by purchasing a 20-unit full box set. So, what is stopping you from getting such eco-friendly containers which you can eat by the way at such a reasonable price rate? Fill the cart and become a part of the organic movement.

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