Coffee Cups Instead of Plastic Trash

Compostable Better Me Coffee Cups Instead of Plastic Trash

Compostable Coffee cups, Plastic Cups, Edible Cups

Compostable coffee cups are pretty famous these days. They are degradable, light-weighted, and most importantly, they’re reusable.

Speaking of nature-friendly cups, Best Me got a large variety of edible cups available in different shapes. So which form of cups got better efficiency? Plastic made cups or edible cups?

Compostable Coffee Cups by Better Me

According to customer reviews, you can look at our website; Best Me cups are edible and delicious. Made of wheat starch, sugar, egg, and flavoring, it’s a cup-shaped vanilla wafer, the perfect vessel for your coffee and a post-coffee treat. Though each handmade cup may have slight visual differences, there’s no need to worry about the cup dissolving before your eyes and leaving you with a lap of piping hot coffee. The cup will serve at least as long as your coffee or any other beverages, so you’ll still get a crunchy snack at the end. A package of ten cups can be purchased for 9.99 Euros, should you want to try them for yourself. We’re working on a gluten-free version as well. 

Coffee Cups Instead of Plastic Trash

Even if you don’t use or eat them, you can throw these away without worrying if they’d cause soil destruction. These cups are made of organic ingredients, which eventually keep the landfills more decomposable. 

Why shouldn’t you go for plastic cups?

To be very clear, plastic or paper-made cups are colossal waste. The more you use these, the more you contribute to harm nature. So, it’s easy to buy edible cups instead, which comes in handy and tasty for you.

Scientists have uncovered possible links between Plastic and a heightened risk of breast and prostate disease, genital abnormalities, attention-deficit hyperactivity dysfunction, diabetes, precocious puberty in girls, and hurt wildlife. 

Plastic cups can agitate biological improvement, so children and pregnant women, in particular, should avoid exposure to Plastic or paper-made cups. Besides being concerned about the synthesis of plastic baby bottles and other receptacles, Plastic or paper cups may also exceed certain levels in some bottled food and drinks. 

Coffee Cups Instead of Plastic Trash

Edible Cup Is the Solution

As you note, Best Me stands strictly against selling plastic cups or paper cups and produces edible eco-friendly coffee cups. 

As for our cups, they’re hygienic and tasty. There are many benefits to shifting over to edible food packaging. First, most consumers are maturing very environmentally aware. This means that they want to be mindful of the trash that their purchases are adding to. Best Me edible cups eliminate the typical waste cycle and don’t require any recycling. Since our edible cups can be eaten or composted, it is biodegradable and won’t fill up landfills or recycling centers.

Best Me ensures proper organic ingredients so that you can eat after you’ve finished your coffee, not worrying about composability. It’ll straight go under the soil and start decaying. Be wise, choose compostable coffee cups from Better Me, avoid plastic or paper cups to save nature, and be more efficient.

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