Buy Biodegradable Cups Instead of Disposable Cups

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Plastic, Paper, or artificial accessories has caused a significant burden on the environment and resource recycling over the decade. People use biodegradable cups or other products for support, and at present, there is a deliberation on whether Edible cups are more eco-friendly than plastic cups?

Biodegradable Cups Let You Reduce Trash

We may take it for given that plastic is a petroleum-based output that drains grease and heat during its formation process and is hard to deteriorate after use. It is one of the white trashes. The principal element of disposable cups is essential renewable sources; although the making process also produces contamination, energy expenditure should be comparatively cheap. On the other hand, Better Me Edible cups are made using organic ingredients with zero carbon footprint, and the most crucial point is that they are natural to decay and will not have a white breakdown. Therefore, Better Me Edible cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic or paper cups. 

Biodegradable Cups

Edible Cups are Better Than Disposable Clear Cups for The Environment

The environmental benefits of Better Me Edible cups are enormous. Many ingredients of disposable Paper or cardboard cups are hazardous, and they harm the environment. Some of the notable environment-based advantages of our reusable and edible glass cups are not significantly included, but with the elements not included.

For example, our eco-friendly edible coffee cups don’t contain:

  • 1) Paper: Paper disposable cups are stuffed with polyethylene, which not only makes them difficult to reuse but can make your drink poisonous as well. The adhesive holding paper cups together can melt into the hot coffee. Plus, over 20 million trees are chopped down each year to produce paper cups. Instead, the cups are made of organic grains and natural adhesive. You won’t see any synthetic lining inside our cups.
  • 2) Plastic covers: The plastic covers that click on top of paper and plastic cups include potent carcinogens and are challenging to recycle. As a choice, the reusable edible cups provided here at Better Me are made of chemical-free, food-grade silicone, and are BPA-free. Additionally, the covers are tight-fitting and temperature repellent, serving to preserve both you and your drink. Not only the cup, but our edible lids are also made of eco-friendly ingredients. These don’t need to cut trees for production. 
  • 6) Styrofoam: Styrofoam is a gruesome element to add to the atmosphere. It can persist in landfills for over 500 years since it does not debase over time. It’s dangerous to the planet not to notice the liquid from polystyrene, which regularly drips into coffee beverages, is carcinogenic. Each Better Me edible cup is made from borosilicate glass with a wide silicone sleeve for support rather than Styrofoam. Our edible cups are completely biodegradable and even if you toss them away, it will decay automatically without harming the soil or any artificial composting.
Biodegradable Cups

Better Me Biodegradable Cups Are Safe and Cheap 

Better Me edible cups are not filled with synthetic and do not carry any toxic products. There are no substances at all. So they are completely nature-friendly and biodegradable. Only the freshest, most straightforward form of the organic bakery will approach your lips when you drink your favorite liquor in this cup you can use as a reusable cup!

By Choosing Better Me cheap biodegradable cups, not only will you be helping to formulate a better world for tomorrow, but you will be experiencing a refreshing cup of coffee with each sip.

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