Biodegradable Cups for Your Coffee

Biodegradable Cups for Your Coffee

Biodegradable plastic cups, licensed biodegradable cups. 

What happens to the disposable “green” coffee cups?

Every year, People throw billions of plastic cups in the garbage, which end up in landfills where they remain for years. So, it sounded terrific when some very famous restaurants began serving smoothies and coffee in biodegradable plastic cups. What you need is some cups that are biodegradable, also you don’t need to add them to your trash. How so? Better Me offers a wide range of edible cups in various flavors and sizes you can choose from.

Plastic cups decompose into compost, which can be used to improve the consistency of the soil. If you’re sending biodegradable cups to composting sites, there’s no point in using them. If you throw away biodegradable cups, they’ll end up in a landfill like the rest of your waste.

Biodegradable Cups

Since commercial composting isn’t readily accessible, many restaurants don’t compost their biodegradable items right now. It won’t help if you take your cup home to recycle it. Since the compost does not get hot enough, the cups will not decompose in home composters.

Restaurants that have moved to biodegradable cups from traditional plastic cups are taking the proper steps because they are not contributing to the manufacture of petroleum-based items. However, don’t get too caught up in the biodegradable craze; the vast majority of cups aren’t compostable. Alter your mug with Better Me edible ones are the most eco-friendly choice.

How Better Me Is Better Than Biodegradable plastics cups 

So, mentioning a problem isn’t enough; now let’s talk about how to solve it! Have you ever considered eating not just the bottle’s contents, i.e., the food or drink, but also the whole container or cup itself, rather than discarding the box?

Yeah, you read that correctly.

After years of study and hard work, Team Better Me planned, built, and created the edible solution to coffee cup waste.

Better Me, EDIBLE CUPS!!!

A creative state-of-the-art edible cup, biscuit cups, waffle cups, and eco-friendly cups that are not just environmentally friendly but also improve the taste and flavor of the food or beverage you just drank, leaving a perfect “after-taste”; complete customer loyalty, and most importantly, a dramatically improved customer and consumer eating experience you will always cherish!

Something you’ll want to savor and lust after even more!

A radical departure from the common practice of discarding plastic containers and polluting the environment in the past!

What Are Better Me Edible Cups?

Better Me edible cups are food and beverage containers and cutlery that are entirely edible and biodegradable and are made hygienically from clean, nutritious, and delicious ingredients like organic all-purpose flour, corn starch, and sugar. They are also available in a variety of flavors to fit everyone’s tastes. For example, Biscuit, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors are currently available, with endless possibilities in the future!

Better Me is now selling edible biscuit cups in sizes ranging from 110 to 220 mL, which can hold both hot and cold beverage fillings as well as semi-solids such as ice cream!

But keep an eye out for more fashionable, different-sized flavorful cups, spoons, and cutlery soon!

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Better Me Cups are Licensed and Approved as Biodegradable

YES – Unlike other biodegradable plastic cups, All Better Me Edible Cups have earned complete food protection and quality certification. As a consequence, it can be safely processed and eaten before the expiration date!

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