Best Compostable Cups in Ireland

Find the Best Compostable Cups in Ireland

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You’re having your morning coffee, and it appears in a compostable cup. Nevertheless, what do you do with it after you have finished it? It’s approximated that only 1 in 400 cups and covers are really recycled or composted accurately here in Ireland.

 Best Compostable Cups
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Here is where the complexity lies. Many people may not understand that composting can only transpire in a controlled situation. By forcing compostable cups into recycling bins or usual waste, most of them close up in landfills or incinerators.

Compostable products require weathering to moisture, oxygen, and bacteria to break down, which you can get in Better Me.

Compostable Cups in Ireland

If a biodegradable substitute such as CPLA is set into recycling, it converts into a contaminant.

Here in Better Me, the Irish edible cup and compostable cup solutions company, we are acutely conscious of our industry’s provocations and trends. Better Me has been making compostable cups for several years.

There is much more of a cooperative spirit to move towards more sustainable outcomes.

Nevertheless, recyclable and compostable alternatives are only genuinely helpful if treated in proper waste equipment. It is calculated that 2 million one-time-use cups make their way to landfill every day in Ireland alone. This needs to be fixed.

Remarkably, so many have left compostable, but now we oblige to close the circle. Our newest compostable cup is entirely paper-free. The Edible Cup is made from the bakery — doughs made of grains, fibers. The tops are also compostable; you can eat the whole cup after you’ve finished your drink.

Here in Better Me, we present a broad range of eco-friendly and compostable products.

 Best Compostable Cups In Ireland

While the Edible Cup will help relieve some of the stress on the world’s forests — an approximated 20 million trees are cut down every year to create disposable paper coffee cups — we have also devised a new way that takes sustainability to the next level. As we all tend to throw away our containers after usage, you can straight up eat your cup instead of making it trash- it’s delicious too. 

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We provide the best edible coffee cups in the whole of Ireland. We do this because we want them to be more eco-friendly instead of ending up in the garbage, incinerators, or recycling stations. This closed-loop policy means it is the most sustainable choice currently possible in Ireland.

Find Your Compostable Coffee Cups Right on Time

It’s all about making that information home — while compostable cups and covers are a different sustainable choice than regular paper or card single-use cups, they are only better for the atmosphere if treated correctly.

Here on Better Me, we make edible cups using only organic grains, which are completely biodegradable. So, even if you throw them away, it will be composted spontaneously. We deliver all across Europe, either you’re from Ireland or UK, you’ll get your cup right on time. 

There is no uniquely correct answer to resolve the problem of one-time-use items. Yet, by spending on more sustainable supplies and installing the proper support in place, we can all work a part in securing as many one-time-use things as possible are turned from the landfill and incineration to compostable solutions like Better Me compostable coffee cups. Minor moves can make significant changes.

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