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Thank you very much for your interest in our healthy, vegan, all-natural Edible Wafer Cups. 🌾  

We are a young family with big dreams and one of them is to introduce Edible Cups to as many people as possible here in Ireland and other countries. Keeping the environment clean and healthy is our nr. 1 priority and we would love to see as many places as possible stocking our Delicious Cups. Did you ever think that using the Edible Wafer Cups instead of disposable ones can make a huge difference in the waste level? If you didn’t, we can assure you that each Edible Cup used instead of the single-use one will make a little change to a Better, Healthier, Cleaner Environment🌿

BETTER ME EDIBLE CUP is the single one that even if not eaten but thrown in the nature won’t end up in the landfills and oceans, because it decomposes completely in just 2 weeks! This is incredible, isn’t it? 

Our Cup is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional disposable ones, for hot and cold drinks! It can also be used with literally anything you would like, it’s so Versatile and so Delicious!

P.S: For Cafes, Restaurants, Markets/Shops owners, we have special Wholesale Prices. Reach out to us and get ahead of your competitors with this unique product💚 Please use our contact page form or send us your inquiry at info@better-me.ie or vca.betterme@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Better Me Family 


Better Me Cupffee Cup is made from natural grain products. It is eco-friendly, delicious, crispy and suitable for all kinds of hot and cold beverages.


Cupffee’s thermal and moisture resistance is achieved without any icings or coatings (no artificial stuff!) so the cup doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage it contains.
How awesome is that!


Every Cupffee cup is dressed in a stylish protective label that makes it easy to handle without a direct contact and isolates the cup from the surfaces it is placed on.

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” Incredible taste and quality products! Highly recommended! for people who appreciate organic food! “

Katrina Mediane

Excellent Quality products! Especially the Edible cup. Now Every morning starts with great taste on the go!


Michael Oconnor

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