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Better Me Cupffee Cup is made from natural grain products. It is eco-friendly, delicious, crispy and suitable for all kinds of hot and cold beverages.

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Cupffee’s thermal and moisture resistance is achieved without any icings or coatings (no artificial stuff!) so the cup doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage it contains.
How awesome is that!

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Every Cupffee cup is dressed in a stylish protective label that makes it easy to handle without a direct contact and isolates the cup from the surfaces it is placed on.

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Great idea, great numbers

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85 C

Hot beverage resistant..

30 min

Crispy till you finish your coffee.

12 hours


 Will not leak for a day

110 ml cup – 14 grams

220 ml cup – 28 grams

As light as a cookie.

2.5 billion reasons per day


The average daily consumption of hot drinks requires 2.5 billion cups. Just a third of those are sold in disposable cups. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Cupffee is an alternative to traditional disposable cups and porcelain cups for hot and cold drinks.

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